Apartment Tour: Part 1

Since I plan on talking a lot about our apartment,  I think it’s time I post some pictures. Please excuse the messy kitchen (it was the cleaning supply hub) and the overall terrible pictures. I was only taking pictures to document our hopefully super awesome Before + After transformation.

So without further ado here we go!

Up first, the living room. You walk straight into our living room from the apartment complex hallway. From the front door looking left-ish, you see our kitchen. Looking straight ahead/to the right, is a mini hallway. Best part of this room is the big window. The picture below is our living room from the vantage point of the “hallway.” That door you see on the left is the main door to the apartment. The second picture is of the living room from the kitchen.

Up next is our kitchen. Yea, I warned you about the mess. But what can I say? We were cleaning! How awesome are the floors? I know they probably aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but I love them. Like…LOVE.

Up next is our bathroom. Not much to report here. Pretty tiny but relatively clean upon move-in. Score!

Up last is our bedroom. Where the magic happens, baby! (I had to say it?) The room is a little tiny, but it has a small walk in closet that I want to makeout with. Or just play “seven minutes in heaven” in.

These pictures were taken on painting day. So disregard the tarp on the floor. I swear that’s not there on a regular basis.


So that’s the ol’ apartment upon move in! What do you think? We loved the hardwood floors, the big kitchen and most of all, the location. It was a perfect starter place for us. And I’m happy to report we still love it. Water pressure here is close to heaven. And that ladies & gentlemen is reason enough to love this place.


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