Mirror Mirror on the Wall

I’m the worst. I started this blog only last week and then I disappeared for a few days. Already?? Who am I?

Truthfully, I wanted my next post to be a “Where are We Now” apartment tour. But I’ve been so crazy at work that I haven’t had 2 seconds to take pictures of the apartment. Sorry. So instead of writing about other things, I haven’t written. I’m a glutton for punishment like that. But enough is enough, it’s time to post. I’m never going to get this blog rolling if I hold off on posting things!

So needless to say, I’m back and ready to party. I wanted to tell you a little bit about the mirror search I have going on. I adore sunburst mirrors. I want to make out with them. I have been obsessing over finding the perfect one for our living room (pictures to come soon!!) but haven’t been able to snag what I am envisioning.

Take a look at the “inspiration” picture below. Amazing, right??

via Decorpad

I’m envisioning a stainless steel-looking sunburst mirror for my living room, above our bookshelf. I think it would even out the stainless steel wine wall we have on the other side of the TV (again, I promise to show you ASAP) and would just be ferosh. Oh yea, baby.

The dilemma is all the [affordable] starburst/sunburst mirrors I’ve found have been in an antique gold/yellow finish. That doesn’t work in my living room. Does no one like silver in these joints?? I’m thinking I might try to buy one (cheap??) and attempt to spray paint it silver, like this DIY beauty by 4 Men 1 Lady.

via 4 Men 1 Lady

Be still my beating heart….this is literally the sunburst mirror of my dreams! Didn’t she do an amazing job????

So now the objective is to find an awesome mirror and make it my own like Michelle (my new hero). I’m still trying to become more crafty, so this should definitely be an adventure. I’ll make to keep you posted. Wish me luck!!!


5 thoughts on “Mirror Mirror on the Wall

  1. Be careful. Once you start spray painting things, there is no turning back. It’ll start small: a mirror here, a knick-knack there. Before you know it, you’ve sprayed half the things in your house. Just sayin’.

    (And I might know from experience 🙂 ) Good luck on your search!

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