Apartment Update: The Kitchen!

First stop on the “I swear our apartment looks lived in” train! I thought I’d kick things off with the kitchen, since it was the room in the apartment that really sold us on the place. We loved how big it was, the fact we could have a little table in there, and obviously the black and tan tiled floor.

For a reminder, here’s what the bad boy looked like when we moved in (don’t mind the mess)…

And here we are now!

Looking in from the living room

A glimpse of the cabinets, window and fridge

Fun kitchen storage

Kitchen table and wine wall art

Better shot of the cabinets

So there you have it! We are going for a red, tan, black and white color scheme. We love wine, so we are really tying that theme into this space.

Right now we have our wine and champagne cork centerpiece, as well as the wine wall art. I also have a few DIY’s in mind for the corks I have been collecting…

Cork centerpiece

If you are wondering what other changes we have in mind, well you may notice the eye sore of a microwave hiding in the corner by the kitchen table. We have plans to put some form of corner shelving unit there that we can put the microwave on, as well as some other fun decorations. Plus, I’d love to get some more wall art up in this space.

There you have it with the kitchen! Stay tuned for updates on the rest of the apartment!



2 thoughts on “Apartment Update: The Kitchen!

  1. What a great space! It has tons of potential and I love the eat-in nook.

    I have a cork centerpiece, but I went with a more fish-bowl sized bowl. Oops. It’s a little on the empty side right now… guess that means we need to drink more wine!

  2. I LOVE the cork centerpiece, I’ve been collecting a bunch of corks, but I love how you have some of them on display. Great blog! As I hit the Comment Link to leave a comment I saw your previous post is called Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I had to smile because I had the same post title a few weeks back šŸ˜›

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