Apartment Update: Our Bedroom

Here’s one of my favorite rooms in the apartment. I’ve always wanted a moody-blue bedroom, so we decided to actually paint this room in our apartment. We’ll have to paint it back to the yellow-white the rest of the apartment is when we move out, but we think we’ll be here for a couple years so we decided to take the plunge.

Here’s the before (on painting day):

Bedroom -- On painting day

And the after:

Bedroom shot from the door

The bedroom from John's side

Our window and bedding

John's dresser and some knickknacks

The color is Benjamin Moore Nickel and I LOOOOVE it. It’s really rich and beautiful in person. Not too blue and not too grey (although these pictures make it look baby blue, which I can assure you it is NOT). A perfect in-between.

Our bedding set is Calvin Klein Caymen and dare I say is the most comfortable set I’ve ever owned.

Our bedroom furniture was our big splurge from Macy’s, but we got a great deal during a Memorial Day Sale and felt that if we didn’t buy it then, we certainly won’t be able to after we are broke from buying our first home. 🙂

We still have some things to do in this space, like really find a “home” for some of our more knickknack items (notice the pile of random crap on my nightstand?). The wish-list for this space is pretty small, since the majority of the furniture is purchased:

  1. Wall art!! The wall on John’s side is completely bare, so we need to spice it up a bit
  2. Shoe space. I have a shoe rack in the corner of my side, but my boots don’t fit there. It also sticks out like a sore thumb. Our closet is packed with clothes, so shoes have gotten the boot from that space (har-har). I don’t love having them out for the whole world to see, so finding a solution is on the immediate to-do.

Hope you like it!


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