Apartment Update: The Bathroom

So this room is still a MAJOR work in progress. The biggest change is we put up a curtain and hung up some towels. I know, boring.

Here we were when we moved in:

Here we are NOW:

Bathroom -- Today!

I swear I’ve tried to do more, like get a bathroom storage vanity. We bought one that I loved, and then John deemed it “crap” and made me return it. Basically, this whole room needs a little more TLC. Here’s my room wish-list:

  1. Find a bathroom storage/vanity for over the toilet
  2. Hang some cute art (I’m thinking some type of small mirror assortment?)

So the wish-list is kind of small, but what can I really do to an apartment bathroom? Small changes people, small changes.


3 thoughts on “Apartment Update: The Bathroom

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