Football Sunday

A couple week’s ago (yea, I’m late on this post) John and I hosted Football Sunday. We’re New Yorkers, so the majority of our friends are Jets fans. I grew up a Jets fan and they are [usually] the team I root for. John on the other hand is randomly a Raiders fan (for no other reason than they were the “bad boys of football” when he was a kid). Since the Jets played the Raiders, we obviously wanted to host a little get-together.

I decided to make a few recipes I found on pinterest (follow me!) Can I just say how much I LOVE pinterest? I use it mostly for recipes, but I love to pin DIY and “dream home” pictures for future inspiration.

So last week I made some of my usual recipes (that I’ll share sometime soon) but I figured I’d focus this post on the two recipes I found from Pinterest:

The first was the Bloomin’ Pizza Bread from The Girl Who Ate Everything. First off, do you all read her blog? She’s awesome. I only wish that some day I have half of her cooking talent. Anyway, since my cooking talent is pretty limited, I thought that bread was right up my alley.

Cheese and pepperoni all ready

Prepped with seasonings and parm cheese

Can you say DELISH?! Well, after it was all cooked up, it looked a little like heaven…

Mmmm cheese-y, garlic-y goodness

**Just a sidenote if you make this, I added WAY more garlic than the original recipe calls for. We like our meals with a ton of garlic and I think this is a case where garlic can only add to the flavor**

The second pinterestΒ recipe I made was from Food & Wine. I saw this recipe and thought it would go great as a side to the ribs we were making. And boy oh boy was I right! Unfortunately, I don’t have many pictures. I took one right as we were putting the mini macs into the oven, and then got completely distracted by the game and our guests.

Mini Mac n Cheese

They looked great even before they were cooked, though! The end product was great, even had a few of my girlfriends compliment me on how “domesticated” I’ve become. Which may have been a joke, but hey…I’ll take it!


**I have another awesome Football Sunday recipe to share soon…so stay tuned!!**


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