Room boom boom, let me hear you say way-ooh WAY-OOH.

My goodness I’m clever. And since I now have it stuck in my head, let’s just get this out of the way…

Sidenote: Am I the only one who never realized how dirty this song is?? I’m used to the G-rated radio version. This one…wow!

Okay let’s be real, I actually prefer this version:

So anyway…this post is to introduce you to my best friend: my Roomba.

Ever heard of one of these bad boys? Well, it’s like the pet we don’t have. And it does chores for me. Score!

Basically it’s a robot vacuum and we schedule it to clean the apartment at 10:30am every day during the work week. So we leave the apartment and come back and our Roomba has already done it’s thang. Awesome, right?

I love it. John, not so much. I mean…he likes it. But the Roomba does have it’s issues. Like the fact it slams into furniture (notice all the knicks and dents on it? We’ve only had it for a month…). John came home from work the other day and the Roomba knocked my jewelry armoire over and there was jewelry all over our bedroom and obviously sucked into Roomba. He was NOT happy (and my jewelry armoire is still not put back together). Strike one for my electronic pet.

Strike two is that it doesn’t do well on black surfaces — like our living room carpet. It gets confused and decides to not move, making “ERROR” announcements over and over again. This upsets my better half.

For me, these are minor issues that I can deal with. The fact I don’t have to vaccuum half as often as I used to makes me happy. We still take our regular vacuum to the apartment once a week to make sure it gets a good ol’ cleaning, but that is a piece of cake (helps that we live in a tiny place). I’d recommend getting a Roomba to anyone else out there who doesn’t have time to vaccuum often (or is just too lazy to care!).

What cleaning tips do you have? Have a vacuum you’d recommend? Are you sleeping at your computer since my post about vacuums bored you to death?? I wouldn’t blame you.


6 thoughts on “Room boom boom, let me hear you say way-ooh WAY-OOH.

    • Aww your dogs are adorable!!!! My sister has a roomba and she has a cat (so I’m assuming much less hair) and she loves it. The only thing is she pretty much has to dump out the bin after every room. The bin isn’t big AT ALL which is the only downfall I know of this thing. For now it works for us since our place is so tiny.

  1. I hate, hate, hate, cleaning. And I only find time to do it during the weekends, which always sucks. Not having to vacuum as often would be nice, especially since we have dark floors and every speck of dust shows…

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