You’re looking for WHAT?

Having a blog through wordpress is fun. Every day I get a reminder of how many of you are checking out my blog (growing every day — THANK YOU SO MUCH!), what links you click on to get here, and if you are clicking on any of the links I include in my posts.

It also gives me a heads up on what some of you type into Google to find my blog. And well, apparently my blog comes up during the search for:

“Handsome Old Man”


Don’t get me wrong. There are some older gentlemen out there that I consider handsome total babes. Like these fine strapping men:

But those guys don’t live on Lewis in Love (until now I suppose!) and I certainly haven’t posted about my affinity for “handsome old men” before. In fact, the only handsome man I post about is this hunk of meat right here:

And ladies (and gentlemen), he’s less than 3 years older than me…so let’s chill on the “old” wordage, okay??

Regardless of how you got here, though…thanks for stopping by. I’m happy you are here, and even if you didn’t get your fill on “handsome old men,” I hope you stay and come back again!!


9 thoughts on “You’re looking for WHAT?

  1. It’s always funny how people arrive to your blog… I can’t recall it right now, but I remember a few years ago (at my old blog in Spanish) some people got there through crazy searches!

  2. So far the oddest I’ve seen were “electrical hazard sign,” “jack daniels big bottle piggy bank” and “hot newlyweds tape.”

    I have a feeling no one who searched for those things found what they were looking for. 🙂

  3. haha I did a post about keywords a few weeks ago. 🙂 One of them was “old dorky musty guy.” SO apparently Google thinks my husband is old and dorky and yours is old and handsome.

    Thanks for the visit today and for your nice comment about our kitten! We love her to pieces! 🙂

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