A New Place to Shove Things

Strike it off the wishlist…we have a bathroom storage unit!

You may remember I mentioned needing a unit when I first introduced you to my bathroom. Storage in our little bathroom is limited, so we needed something desperately.

I went to HomeGoods this weekend and there she was in all her glory…the storage unit I had been searching so fruitlessly for. Obviously I snatched her up, happy that she came put together so all we had to do was hang her on the wall.

And the end result??


Man I love her. Now I have a place for my hair brushes, makeup, lotion and girly stuff. She’s all mine… (and yes, she’s a girl because she only holds items for the lady of the house!)

So the next project is figuring out what will go in her three little cubbies seen here:

Right now I have my perfume and body shimmer in there. Obviously not staying that way.  I’d like them to be decorative since our bathroom is pretty plain.

After seeing this blue/grey bathroom photo on Pinterest (same colors as my bathroom!), I can totally envision some blue/grey candle holders or a bowl that holds potpourri in that little space.

via Pinterest

Or maybe apothecary jars holding cotton balls and other bathroom knickknacks?

via Pottery Barn

Or maybe even my latest obsession — mercury glass jars!

via West Elm

The wheels are turning, people!

I’ll keep you posted on where I net out with cubbies. For now, I’m just going to stare at her and all her glory and just be thankful all my random tchotchkes aren’t spilling out of our sink storage.



9 thoughts on “A New Place to Shove Things

  1. Oh, such a cute storage unit! I’m obsessed with mercury glass as well, and I’ve been thinking about buying some mercury glass jars to style the dresser we just bought.

  2. We need something like that in our tiny bathroom, too. We have a linen closet in there, but by the time you get the linens, towels, Kev’s man stuff (of which he has a surprisingly large amount), and my girly stuff… the doors won’t close.

    I’ll have to go visit our Homegoods!

  3. Wow, that’s a teeny bathroom! Did you have to stand in the tub to take the picture? 🙂

    That storage looks great! I, personally, am partial to the apothecary jars, although you couldn’t just stick whatever in them if it’s not visually pretty.

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