Hola from NOLA

Today I’m in New Orleans for a work event, so I won’t be writing a regular post (not that my posts so far have had an overall theme, anyway).

This is my third work trip to NOLA and I love it here. It’s a city rich with history and culture, spiced with a little spookiness. Unfortunately I’m only here for the night, so I won’t get to do all that much in regards to sightseeing.

From my past trips, some of my favorite things to do here are eat at Desire Oyster Bar, try some beignets at Cafe Du Monde and go for a drink on Bourbon Street at just about anywhere. See a theme here?

Last time I was here I went and saw one of the cemeteries right here in the French Quarter, which was pretty awesome and freaky all rolled into one. I haven’t gone to the Garden District yet (I’ve only been in the French Quarter), but being a huge Anne Rice fan that is obviously on my someday-do list.

Have any of you been to NOLA before? What are your favorite things to do here? Hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday!


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