My Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition DIY!

So I have a confession: I stalk Young House Love and the Bower Power Blog like it’s my job. So obviously I was very excited when they both posted that the Pinterest Challenge was happening again. I hadn’t started this blog when they held the last one, so this was my chance to get involved (and subsequently hope Katie and Sherry become my BFF’s).

Of course, deciding to participate was the easy part. The hard part was deciding what to make. Can I even make something? I’m not crafty! I can barely walk and listen to my iPod at the same time.

I’ve made a bunch of recipes from Pinterest before, but I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and try to be the DIY expert that I so dream of becoming. So I decided to go for it.

I saw this awesome keyring holder on the blog My Sweet Savannah. Melaine actually saw this keyholder on Pinterest as well, but from an Etsy shop. It didn’t look too complicated, plus it’s something we genuinely need at the apartment. I’m constantly losing my keys (in my jewelry box, in the seat cushions, under the couch), so I need a place that I can put them whenever I come home from work or running errands.

So, there was my inspiration. Time to turn inspiration into real-life.

I started by going to Michael’s. I didn’t have any scrap wood lying around (I live in an apartment, so renovation scraps are hard to come by in these parts) and bought a cheap wall plaque. I also didn’t have any old baby blocks and didn’t want to spend money on buying a set just to spray paint, so I bought cheap wood blocks and letters. I had the stain already, so the items I needed to buy were limited. So I guess my overall theme for this project was “keep it cheap.”  Just how I roll.

To keep with the decor of my lovely mansion apartment, I decided to veer off My Sweet Savannah’s design and put a little Lewis in Love spin on it. I gave the wood a light sanding, and stained the plaque a dark brown.

Lookin’ good, right?

I then glued the wood letters to the blocks. Unfortunately, I did this a little sloppy (and was annoyed with how it looked after I painted), so if you end up doing this, I would suggest use the glue sparingly.

I gave the blocks a light sanding around the edges, and had my handsome husband screw cup hooks in the bottom of each block. Hey babe!

After that was done, I sprayed each “baby block” white.

Ooh, pretty.

Then, I used liquid nails to glue the blocks to my plaque. Obviously make sure you are happy with the location of each block before you do any gluing.

After the blocks were dry, it was time to hang up on the wall! I decided my new keyholder would live on the wall next to my front door.

We LOVE it. It goes perfectly with our decor and we needed it BIG TIME. With four cars between the two of us (only one of them is mine) it’s nice to finally have one spot where all the keys live.

Hooray! I actually made something!!

How did your Pinterest Challenge go? Thank you again to Sherry at Young House Love, Katie at Bower Power Blog, Ana of  Ana-White and Erin at House of Earnest for hosting this season’s Pinterest Challenge. I’m excited to see what you all created!


22 thoughts on “My Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition DIY!

  1. It looks great! I love the dark wood!

    We have something similar next to our front door for keys (from Hobby Lobby, not DIYed). If my keys aren’t on it, good luck finding them! I lose them in the strangest of places.

  2. Cute! Your husband looks so happy to be helping. 😉

    (And a Cricut is similar to a Silhouette, which you might have heard more about in blogland? It’s basically a cutting machine; you can buy cartridges for it but I like to use the computer program and make my own images for free!)

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