Magnetized by Love

Yea, this post is about magnets. What? Not thrilled?

I’m in desperate need for some new magnets. Who knew cute ones would be so hard to find? My niece loves to draw, and is always giving me pieces of art to display, so the three magnets I currently have are just not cutting it.

I know some people don’t like clutter on their fridge…but I’m not one of those people. I love throwing cards, invitations and the latest family masterpiece on there. Makes our apartment feel more cozy and “lived-in.”

But back to the problem at hand. I need magnets and can’t find any good ones anywhere! So I decided to do some internet searching, and found a couple really cute DIY ideas:

via Martha Stewart

via Etsy

via Pinterest

Buttons, corks, flowers…oh my!

My creative juices are definitely flowing and I feel a little magnet project in store for this weekend. So stay tuned for next week to see what I come up with!

I know displaying things on the fridge isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. What do you do? Do you prefer to hang things like artwork and invitations on your fridge, or do you like to keep things clean and clutter-free?

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!


14 thoughts on “Magnetized by Love

  1. Magnets are the only souvenir I buy ā€“ it’s a family tradition ā€“ so we have a lot of them on the fridge and use them to keep a hold of coupons, important letters, etc.
    Well, me and my boyfriend have a few of them since we’ve only been living here a couple of years. It’s my parents who have a ton of them. They have the whole exhaust vent covered in magnets!

  2. I’m like you – a fridge with some decoration feels a bit more lived in. I like to display cute cards and family photos. I actually got a whole bunch of antique buttons to make my own magnets, but i haven’t gotten around to it yet (ie:laziness). This post reminded me how much I need to lit the fire under my bum and make them already!!

  3. I like the buttons, very cute! We always buy a magnet where ever we go (just like Ainhoa). One for us and one for my parents-my mom has tons. I have been doing this for years =)

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