Stick a Cork in it

Well folks, I can happily say that I have completed my second DIY! Remember last week when I talked about my need for new fridge magnets? I actually did something about it!

I’ve been collecting wine corks for some time now because I have my mind set on one day making cork artwork for my kitchen. I don’t have enough to do it just yet, but my little cork centerpiece is totally full and I had some extra champagne corks just sitting around in a bag waiting for me to be crafty.

So I tried to be.

First, I started by slicing six champagne corks in half.

Then, using an exatact-o knife, I carved a little divot in the center of each cork for a magnet. I did this because I wanted the finished product to lay flush with the fridge,Β  rather than have a space in between the cork and the fridge because of the bulky magnet.

Then, I hot glued a magnet to each cork.

And there she blows!

Cute, right? I’m pretty sure John thought I was going insane for doing this craft, but even he admitted that they are super cute in person. And it only took me like 10 minutes, and the $2 it cost to buy the magnets. Success!

Here’s what my fridge currently looks like:

See that picture with all the hearts? That’s my absolute favorite drawing of all time. My niece Emma drew it before the wedding, and it shows me in my wedding gown and John in his tux. Adorable right? I’m pretty sure I’m framing it, so it’s stay on the fridge is limited.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!!


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