Hold the Ketchup

I am so thankful for my job. I don’t say that enough. Yes, there are times when I’d rather be home, sleeping in, not commuting, and doing absolutely nothing on the couch. But at the end of the day, I’m so thankful to have this career, to work with talented people and to be challenged every single day. With the economy being the way it is, I could easily be unemployed right now. I am thankful to have the luxury of a steady job and paycheck.

Okay, now back to my original post at hand. No, this isn’t about a recipe. It’s all about mustard yellow. Yea, the color.

I’ve been drooling over it lately. The accent pieces, the splash of color. I literally want it all over my living room. It’s exactly the spice I think we need to brighten up our space and give it just the little bit of pzazz it’s missing.

Like how gorgeous is this bedroom? The headboard, the pillows…swoon! Ruffle pillows are my favorite, so I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for something similar for our couches.

via House*Tweaking

Since we have all of the furniture pieces that my tiny apartment can allow for, I am going to have to rely on accent pieces. I’m envisioning pillows and a few awesome vases or trinkets like the ones below from Crate & Barrel. Only issue I’m facing is the fact I have zero shelving (besides my bookcase, and well, my books have taken over). Something I might need to fix asap…

via Crate & Barrel

I love how artwork and pillows give this room just the pop it needs against the gray. It ties together the entire room so it looks perfectly in sync. A future artwork DIY may need to be in my near future.

via Houzz

Lastly, how amazinggggg is this gold/yellow light fixture in this living room? What an awesome retro statement piece. Of course, to have something like this would mean your rooms have overhead lighting (which my apartment does not) so, something like this will have to wait until we buy a house. But a girl can dream.

via Decor Pad

How do you all feel about mustard yellow? It’s certainly trendy right now, but it’s not necessarily a color that everyone loves. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to brighten up our living room with this color? I tend to shy away from color…so I could definitely use your help!


10 thoughts on “Hold the Ketchup

  1. I love mustard yellow . . We got a new rug in our living room that has all different colors in it and i’ve been looking for some yellow pillows to help it pop! For your living room I would suggest adding either some punchy yellow pillows/throw for the couch. And a sweet wooden centerpiece bowl with mustardy yarn balls πŸ™‚ Just a suggestion though – I’m sure whatever you do is going to be gorgeous!!

  2. I love grey and yellow together. We planned our bedroom in greys/whites and turquoise as an accent color, but slowly I’ve been incorporating yellowish accents as well (a sisal rug, a wicker basket as a hamper). I think mustard yellow is a great accent color.

  3. I lurve mustard yellow… but, alas, the hubs hates it. I think his response is something along the lines of “something you’d find in a diaper” to which my response was that what you find in a diaper is defiantly way closer to chartreuse.

    Um yeah. So after comparing your color obsession to a dirty diaper I’ll just say that if the hubs wasn’t so against it, I’d definitely be working into the entire house.

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