Today I am thankful for weekends. I had such a relaxing, rejuvenating weekend with John. I actually feel somewhat rested today.

The downside from this weekend? I legit have hands like THE CLAW. As in, Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar.”

I spent the entire day on Saturday writing out thank you cards. You never think when you have a big wedding with 200 people the amount of thank you notes you will have to write afterwards. I’m finally about 4 tables away from being done with this project. Thank goodness. My fingers might never recover.

To add to the insanity, I decided on Sunday that I just HAD to learn how to crochet. Do any of you know how to crochet? Well, let me tell you…I’m terrible. I also apparently don’t know how to hold a crochet hook because I swear my hands are now permanently damaged.

In fact, this blog post just may be too much for me to write with my claws right now.

I’ll be back tomorrow.


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