Top of the Tree, to ya!

Today is my last Thankful November post! First, I want to thank Paisley Print Shoes for coming up with such a great idea on how to keep the “Thanks” in Thanksgiving the month of November. You guys really rock.

Next, I want to say again how thankful I am for this blog, and for all the people who take the time to read it every day. It means a lot to me that you guys are supporting me as I try out something “new.” I look forward to learning more about life and blogging, and sharing it with you every step of the way.


While I am on my Christmas decorating kick, I should share that we don’t have a tree yet…or a tree topper.

John and I already decided we want a star. No angel, Santa or otherwise for us. We’re keeping it old school.

This Pottery Barn star makes me swoon. I carried it around the store with me for a good 15 minutes, before I came to the realization it’s about 2 ft tall and about the size of the actual tree we are going to be able to fit into our apartment. Gorgeous, but not for us.

via Pottery Barn


So that means it’s time to do some online browsing. Shall we discuss some stars we like (and one we luuuuuurve)?


I like this gem-inspired star from Pier 1. All the curly swirls make it a bit more whimsical than other blinged-out toppers I’ve seen.

via Pier 1

John would never go for this one, but there’s something totally unique about this sunburst mirror topper. Very different from other toppers out there. Perhaps a bit TOO modern for my traditional holiday style, but I’m sure that there are people out there that would love this on top of their tree.  

via Ballard Designs

This star from Neiman Marcus is like the Bentley of tree topper stars. How gorgeous is this thing? Unfortunately the price tag is a bit too much like a Bentley for my taste…

via Neiman Marcus

Another jewel-inspired star. This one really brings the bling.

via HSN

 To switch it up, I found a picture of the Christmas star I grew up with. It was the best thing ever.

via Ebay

Want to know why it was the best thing ever? Disco ball and holiday fun all rolled into one. It literally had a disco ball in it, that made the top of the tree a glowing dance party. The Lewis Family keeps it real, yo. Just see this bad boy in action…
via Ebay
*Sidenote, you better believe I would buy this retro/used version if John allowed it.
I know you are all running to Ebay right now to snatch that bad boy up.
Anyway, shall we get to our mutual favorite?  
We both fell in love with this Capiz star from Target. Or shall I say Tar-jay, since this beauty is so gorgeous.

via Target

Seriously, I need it. It’s apparently in “limited stock” at my local Target and it’s not available online, so I’m not going to get my hopes up, but I think I need it. I’ll keep you all posted.


What do you all have on top of your tree? Star, Santa, Angel or other? I’ve seen some great trees out there with ribbon bows on top that seem super cute. We’re doing a real tree this year so we probably won’t have it up for another week or so. I’m dying to get it and put our ornaments up! Can’t wait to share pictures with you all once it’s all decorated.

Have a great Wednesday!


24 thoughts on “Top of the Tree, to ya!

  1. So I’m pretty much in love with every single star you put up, but especially the one from Tar-jay. I really really hope you’re able to get it. If I go to Target around here and see it I’ll grab it for you and everything!

    Growing up I always had an Angel on top that moved around. I love it then, but not so much now. I’m so picky for some reason and just can’t decide what I want. I’m going to start stalking out Pinterest in hopes of finding something I can maybe make myself.

  2. That disco ball is awesome! All of the stars you found are beautiful. We put a star on our tree, but we may need to find a new prettier one now! =)

  3. I love the first one and the last one the most! But they’re all beautiful, really.
    We only have a tiny faux tree, and no real topper, but it looks cute 🙂 can’t wait to set it up next week.

  4. well i decorate 3 trees for the holiday! my parents has a classic gold star, my grandmothers a big red bow, and the mini one I send to wherever my husband is (afghanistan or germany) something silly like a topper that looks like his favorite beer or a silly cartoon he likes, but personally I love stars on top of trees 🙂 cant wait to see what you get!!!

  5. My mom did the top of my tree while they were down here for Thanksgiving. She used some sparkly green faux-plant stick thingies (that’s the technical term) and created almost a firework coming out of the top of the tree. I’ll be posting it soon!

    Like everyone else… I say go with the capiz star!

  6. Love the tree toppers! I personally prefer no tree topper, but those stars are beautiful. And FYI, that awesome Target stock is “in stock” in about 6 targets right by me, so if you need me to pick it up I will and mail it to you!! 🙂 Seriously!

    And ps, thanks for the love! I’m so glad you participated with us!

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