She really is a funny girl…

When I decided to finally start this blog, I read a lot of “blogging tips.” The most common? Write what you are passionate about.
I’ve noticed my blog posts over the last few months have primarily focused on getting my bearings as a newlywed. Making our apartment a home, learning to cook, and even some emotional high’s and low’s. Those things are 100% me.
But those things aren’t EVERYTHING I’m passionate about. If you asked any of my friends or family what I could talk all day about, I think the top answer would…reading (or books). 
I’m a HUGE book-worm. I constantly say that I don’t just read books, I devour them.  So I’m going to start talking about what I’m reading here, on my blog.
Blame it on Disney’s Beauty & the Beast, but I’ve always identified with dreamer Belle and her “nose stuck in a book.” I dream of a house with a library like the one she had in the castle, or one maybe slightly less grand, but still magnificent, like these:

via Houzz

via Pinterest

via Diary of a Renovation

via Jean-Loup Daraux


Don’t worry, this isn’t going to become a book blog. But I figured the blog’s called Lewis in Love, so I should post more about the things I really do love, right?

So stay tuned for some fine-tuning around here,  hopefully resulting in a new “What’s on our Shelf?” page.

Because what’s more homey than snuggling up on your couch, in your [perfectly designed, DIY, and blogged about] living room? I can’t think of much.


16 thoughts on “She really is a funny girl…

    • It’s definitely hard to get back into the swing of reading if you don’t do it regularly. I used to love to read, then I swear didn’t read a single book for enjoyment while I was in college. It wasn’t until I started commuting that I rememebered how much I love to do it!

  1. I love reading, too. And have since I was wee. But I’ve found I read blogs far more often than a read a book these days. But when I do find a book that I love…everything halts.

  2. Growing up, I always loved (and wanted to be) Belle because she and I both have brown hair and love reading. I have a habit of getting into a series, reading it quickly, and then rereading it. I prefer books to e-readers because I like seeing them all on shelves. If I ever get lucky enough to have a legit library in my house, I would probably die of happiness.

  3. Those libraries are awesome! I enjoy reading, but I feel like I never have time to sit down and read a book. Looking forward to hearing some good recommendations!

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