Quick look at our living room

We’re almost ready for Santa at the Dickerson household!

We finally got our garland up, and I kind of LOVE how it looks over our main window. Can I keep garland up all year long?

We also hung our brand new Pottery Barn stockings. I’m OB-SESSED with them. They were an early Christmas gift from my brother and sister-in-law, and I just think they are the prettiest things ever. I just love how they have an old-school vibe to them. By now, you probably have picked up on my obsession with Pottery Barn, so I’m Pumped (yes, with a capital P) that these bad boys will be a part of our Christmases to come.

I was inspired by this post from The View Along the Way, and added the leftover garland from our window to our television stand. The garland is pretty looking a little pathetic, so I’m hoping to figure out a way to spice it up the way Kelly did. I need to start stealing branches from the outdoors pronto!

And yes…we were watching “Princess Bride” last night.

I forgot to take a wide shot picture of our entire living room, so I’ll have to share that at a later time. With the Christmas tree up, it’s certainly looking [and smelling!] a whole lot more like Christmas!!

Psst — remember my mustard yellow post? Well, we finally started incorporating color in our living room! Did you see the sneak peek in one of the pictures above?


Hold the Ketchup

I am so thankful for my job. I don’t say that enough. Yes, there are times when I’d rather be home, sleeping in, not commuting, and doing absolutely nothing on the couch. But at the end of the day, I’m so thankful to have this career, to work with talented people and to be challenged every single day. With the economy being the way it is, I could easily be unemployed right now. I am thankful to have the luxury of a steady job and paycheck.

Okay, now back to my original post at hand. No, this isn’t about a recipe. It’s all about mustard yellow. Yea, the color.

I’ve been drooling over it lately. The accent pieces, the splash of color. I literally want it all over my living room. It’s exactly the spice I think we need to brighten up our space and give it just the little bit of pzazz it’s missing.

Like how gorgeous is this bedroom? The headboard, the pillows…swoon! Ruffle pillows are my favorite, so I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for something similar for our couches.

via House*Tweaking

Since we have all of the furniture pieces that my tiny apartment can allow for, I am going to have to rely on accent pieces. I’m envisioning pillows and a few awesome vases or trinkets like the ones below from Crate & Barrel. Only issue I’m facing is the fact I have zero shelving (besides my bookcase, and well, my books have taken over). Something I might need to fix asap…

via Crate & Barrel

I love how artwork and pillows give this room just the pop it needs against the gray. It ties together the entire room so it looks perfectly in sync. A future artwork DIY may need to be in my near future.

via Houzz

Lastly, how amazinggggg is this gold/yellow light fixture in this living room? What an awesome retro statement piece. Of course, to have something like this would mean your rooms have overhead lighting (which my apartment does not) so, something like this will have to wait until we buy a house. But a girl can dream.

via Decor Pad

How do you all feel about mustard yellow? It’s certainly trendy right now, but it’s not necessarily a color that everyone loves. Do you have any suggestions for me on how to brighten up our living room with this color? I tend to shy away from color…so I could definitely use your help!

My Pinterest Challenge: Fall Edition DIY!

So I have a confession: I stalk Young House Love and the Bower Power Blog like it’s my job. So obviously I was very excited when they both posted that the Pinterest Challenge was happening again. I hadn’t started this blog when they held the last one, so this was my chance to get involved (and subsequently hope Katie and Sherry become my BFF’s).

Of course, deciding to participate was the easy part. The hard part was deciding what to make. Can I even make something? I’m not crafty! I can barely walk and listen to my iPod at the same time.

I’ve made a bunch of recipes from Pinterest before, but I wanted to venture out of my comfort zone and try to be the DIY expert that I so dream of becoming. So I decided to go for it.

I saw this awesome keyring holder on the blog My Sweet Savannah. Melaine actually saw this keyholder on Pinterest as well, but from an Etsy shop. It didn’t look too complicated, plus it’s something we genuinely need at the apartment. I’m constantly losing my keys (in my jewelry box, in the seat cushions, under the couch), so I need a place that I can put them whenever I come home from work or running errands.

So, there was my inspiration. Time to turn inspiration into real-life.

I started by going to Michael’s. I didn’t have any scrap wood lying around (I live in an apartment, so renovation scraps are hard to come by in these parts) and bought a cheap wall plaque. I also didn’t have any old baby blocks and didn’t want to spend money on buying a set just to spray paint, so I bought cheap wood blocks and letters. I had the stain already, so the items I needed to buy were limited. So I guess my overall theme for this project was “keep it cheap.”  Just how I roll.

To keep with the decor of my lovely mansion apartment, I decided to veer off My Sweet Savannah’s design and put a little Lewis in Love spin on it. I gave the wood a light sanding, and stained the plaque a dark brown.

Lookin’ good, right?

I then glued the wood letters to the blocks. Unfortunately, I did this a little sloppy (and was annoyed with how it looked after I painted), so if you end up doing this, I would suggest use the glue sparingly.

I gave the blocks a light sanding around the edges, and had my handsome husband screw cup hooks in the bottom of each block. Hey babe!

After that was done, I sprayed each “baby block” white.

Ooh, pretty.

Then, I used liquid nails to glue the blocks to my plaque. Obviously make sure you are happy with the location of each block before you do any gluing.

After the blocks were dry, it was time to hang up on the wall! I decided my new keyholder would live on the wall next to my front door.

We LOVE it. It goes perfectly with our decor and we needed it BIG TIME. With four cars between the two of us (only one of them is mine) it’s nice to finally have one spot where all the keys live.

Hooray! I actually made something!!

How did your Pinterest Challenge go? Thank you again to Sherry at Young House Love, Katie at Bower Power Blog, Ana of  Ana-White and Erin at House of Earnest for hosting this season’s Pinterest Challenge. I’m excited to see what you all created!

Kicking off November


I love the month of November. The weather is [usually] nice, everything is pumpkin-flavored, I celebrate my birthday and my family all comes to town for Thanksgiving. All the ingredients for a terrific month, right?

Since I was a little girl, Thanksgiving has been special for me, mostly because I love being with my family. My big brother went off to college the year I went into kindergarten (yea, talk about an age difference) and since he did ROTC (and then subsequently was away with the Navy), I rarely got to see him. No matter what though, it always seemed like he made it home for Thanksgiving. Now that my older siblings all have children, Thanksgiving seems to be more joyous than ever.

To help further that joyous feeling throughout the month of November, the amazing blog Paisley Print Shoes has kicked off a “challenge” of sorts: every day take a moment to blog, write or just reflect on what you are thankful for that day. It seems simple, but I’m sure just taking a moment of your day to think about what you are thankful for will do a ton for your feeling of self-satisfaction and happiness.

So today, I want to say how thankful I am for my siblings. I’m lucky to come from a relatively big family, one brother and three sisters. Each one of them is different, and completely vital to my existence. I feel lucky to have them in my life, and while I don’t get to see some of them nearly as much as I wish I could, when we do see each other it’s like time has never passed. I’m truly blessed.

Okay, now back to the regular Lewis in Love blogging.

The window in my living room has been bugging me. Something was just off about it, and I couldn’t really put my finger on it.

When we first put up the curtains, I only wanted to put them on the outside of the window, to frame it as one massive window. In the beginning, I liked it.

But then it started to irritate me. It didn’t feel “soft” and “homey” enough. I realized that I needed to add more curtain panels to even out the entire window.

Luckily for me, we have an abundance of matching curtains around here (they were hand-me-down’s from my mother-in-law). All we had to do was iron them (which I hated) and hang them up.

Presto change-o, instant softness!

I love how it looks now. Everything feels a little more tied together. Now I just need to get my hands on some pillows and I will be all set!

P.S — how cute is my new pumpkin centerpiece? I got him at Kohl’s for $6. I love him!

Anyone else participating in Thankful November? How is your Pinterest Challenge DIY coming along? I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!!!

Apartment Update: The Living Room

We have saved the best for last.  Very excited to share pictures of our living room. It’s literally just that…the room we do the most living in. What do I love the most about it? Our comfy couches, wine wall and amazing hutch.



Do you like it? There’s a great story about that hutch that I think I’ll have to share another time. For now it stands there in all its glory, featuring my amazing wedding china.

The wine wall is our favorite, prominently displaying our beloved beverages (yea, it’s not fully stocked right now since we do actually drink from it). If you didn’t pick up on it already, The Dickerson’s love their wine. So you can all feel free to send us some. Or let’s become friends in-real-life and you can come over and drink some with us. Okay??

The bookshelf was a must. I love to read. Mostly sci-fi/postapocalyptic reading, but that is ANOTHER topic for a different post.

You can also see my brand new sunburst mirror in that picture! Remember when I told you I was looking for one? Well I saw this bad boy in HomeGoods and fell in love. It doesn’t photograph as well as it looks in person (or I’m just not that good at taking pictures) but it really looks great in the room.

What do I want to change for this room? Well, here’s what I’m thinking:

  1. Make it cozier
  2. More artwork
  3. Different curtains

Obviously I’d love to paint, but since this is a rental I’m going to leave the painting to a minimum. Do you have any suggestions for us? Would love to hear your thoughts!